Comprising a large number of sub-business segments such as defense and security systems, software, road, air, and sea vehicles and their equipment, electronic warfare systems, support systems and logistical services, R&D, engineering, and manufacturing services, the defense industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future.    

Having achieved a constant growth trend in the 2000s, our national defense industry had a positive performance in the past couple of years in spite of the global crisis. The turnover of companies in the defense industry market was US$ 2.319 billion while the share of Turkish suppliers providing goods for the industry was 45.2 %. The industry kept its growth momentum in 2010 as reflected by a total turnover of US$ 2.733 billion and a 52.1 % of goods used by the industry was purchased from Turkish suppliers. 

The national defense industry has reached the phase of development of products within the country and built significant infrastructure in terms of system integration. Having secured a major place in the national economy as a result of its high value added, R&D investments, and contribution to employment, the defense industry can be integrated with the global market and have a competitive structure if it increases its export which would be the most important step in that direction.

It is believed that the industry will rapidly move toward that goal under the umbrella of the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association which was founded in 2011. While the industry exported goods worth around US$ 1,3 billion in 2012, its export potential is much higher.



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